ALROTEC is a company born in february 2008, under the name of Allper Spain S.L., as a subsidiary of the Swiss company Allper AG.

During the first years, Allper Spain is dedicated to the commercialization, in Spain and Portugal, of Allper AG products.

In 2010, Allper Spain started to manufacture products for Allper AG, as well as for its reference market, Iberic Peninsula.

In october 2010 Allper AG was sold to an investment group.

Allper Spain becomes independent and invests in a technical department for the development of new products, taking advantage of the experience of its founder, Mr. André Muller.

In 2012 Allper Spain, S.L.U. It changed name to actual name ALROTEC TECNOLOGY, S.L.U.

At the same time with the change of denomination, ALROTEC begins to export its products in Europe, being its main markets the Scandinavian and the German.

Currently ALROTEC is present in Europe, asia and the American continent, through its distributors network, dedicated to the commercialization of its products for high pressure injection molding of non-ferrous materials and specialized in the injection part of molten aluminum in the mold.

As a complement, it offers devices and peripherals, as well as lubricants for the injection process.

Thanks to the experience acquired during more than 25 years in the market, ALROTEC offers products for the improvement of the injection process.

The main activities are:

Customized study to improve the injection process.
Application of the piston suitable for each application.
Copper pistons.
High efficiency steel pistons.
Optimization in the design of the sleeve, materials and alloys
integral sleeve, thermo-regulated.
Complete inserts for sleeve.
Piston / sleeve lubrication units. Maximum performance with the minimum oil consumption.
Production of mold inserts, thermodynamic efficiency study.
iTherm technology.
3d printing.